FIMAS, a manufacturer of slabs on MONOSTRATO VULCANICO OF ETNA, has been a well-known brand for "non-slip" outdoor floors for over 35 years for the technical and aesthetic quality of its production.
FIMAS was born in 1983 from an entrepreneurial vision of the owners of employing for the first time, the volcanic stone of Etna, transforming it into non-slip slabs for outdoors, thus creating the MONOSTRATO VULCANICO OF ETNA..
Over the years the company has evolved improving and expanding its products, operating in the public and private sector.
In the public, the FIMAS stands out for the paving of squares, streets, sidewalks, collective spaces, in the private paving of villas, swimming pools, gardens, residential spaces.
The production plant is located in Riposto (CT) Italy, extends over an area of ​​35,000 square meters of which 5,000 square meters covered.
The company's mission is to guarantee the excellence of its products with the will to improve the value of the FIMAS brand.
FIMAS uses a quality management system in its own company that complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.



Since its inception, FIMAS has paid particular attention to research and development, producing in-house the technology necessary to manufacture its products.
The constant research in new technologies leads FIMAS to develop products with more and more advanced technical characteristics and with an aesthetic aspect more and more attractive.

The dedication to technological development and the improvement of production processes have contributed to the achievement of a technological leadership that makes FIMAS a model of reference in the production MONOSTRATO VULCANICO OF ETNA.
Today FIMAS can count on highly sophisticated systems and new technologies that allow it to produce the best sheets on MONOSTRATO VULCANICO OF ETNA for non-slip outdoor floor for public or private use.